Teens & Adults

Remediation of Persistent Articulation Errors

Teens & Adults

Remediation of Persistent Articulation Errors

Are you wondering if you or your teenager is struggling with a speech sound disorder? Teens or adults may have articulation errors that have never been remediated. Articulation disorders can persist into adulthood. If you have had speech therapy in the past or have never had speech therapy, contact Speech Sessions for a complimentary screening to see if further evaluation is recommended. The Speech Sessions team can assess you or your teen’s speech production, identify errors, develop an individualized plan, and provide effective and efficient treatment to help you achieve your communication goals.

What are some benefits of Online Speech Therapy? 

  • Online speech services are a convenient way to access treatment from the comfort of your home, without the need for travel, to accommodate busy schedules, and for those living in remote or rural areas.  
  • Online speech services at Speech Sessions are provided in one-on-one settings, so you or your teen gets individualized care targeted specifically to meet the client’s needs.  
  • Online speech services allow caregivers to participate in sessions, learn techniques to use during home practice, ask questions, observe your teen’s progress, and feel confident about helping your teen practice target sounds in carryover activities between sessions. 
  • Online speech services are a fun, interactive way for your teen to work on their speech production from the comfort and security of their own home.  With the advancement of technology, activities can be shared on-screen by the SLP to enhance the learning experience, increase engagement in the task, and support the skills being taught.

Our Process

Free Consultation

Contact Speech Sessions for a complimentary Speech screening to determine if an evaluation is recommended.


Schedule a speech evaluation to determine if treatment sessions are recommended.

Individualized Treatement Plan

Following evaluation, a treatment plan is formulated and speech therapy sessions for remediation will begin. Frequency of service and targeted goals are developed based on the client’s needs and evaluation results.


"Thank you so much! We could never express how truly thankful we are for you. You have helped our son come so far and have taught him so much.  I will be thankful for you everyday for the rest of our lives.  Thank you so much! You have such a special gift and I’m so thankful my son got to be a receiver of that."


"My grandson is doing sooo much more talking, sometimes he just will not hush!! We love it!!!! You are amazing!!!"